About Me

You are now @ my, Sajan's website. I am a web application developer as well as a graphic designer. I love exploring new technologies in the field of web as well desktop applications.

With the evolution in the field of web technologies, designing and developing applications for desktop use is about to become a myth. These days, with Google and other multinational companies, migrating to the web is a necessity. So, with the advancement of the world wide web, I have switched my interest to developing web applications, which is more portable, flexible and highly interactive with the use of ajax, jQuery and flash.

I love working with Photoshop, HTML/CSS, Javascript/Jquery, AJAX and PHP, JSP, Illustrator, ASP.NET.

This is a part of my learning and explorations. I post here the new tricks I learn, tutorials to share and resources and freebies that could help designers like me to sharpen their skills.