Nepali English Date Converter Gadget

Nepali English Date Converter Gadget was built as a windows gadget for Windows sidebar. It allows you to convert dates between AD and BS on your windows desktop.

Download the gadget using the link below:

Download Gadget

Key Features:

  • No INTERNET connection, no database map required.
  • No hidden cost, no hidden ads.
  • One click install.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista
  • Lightweight, only 60 kb
  • Date Range from 2000 BS to 2089 BS.
  • Date Range from 1944 AD to 2033 AD.
  • Free for Use.
  • No Load at all on the CPU.


  • Download the gadget by clicking the link.
  • Double Click on NepaliCalendar.gadget
  • Click on β€˜Yes’ to Confirm and Continue.
  • A gadget as shown above will be displayed on your desktop.

This widget has been designed in need of date converters in offices and other businesses where nepali date is a compulsion and people are still not able or do not want to migrate to International date system. Mostly people look into a calendar, or go to date conversion websites to make the conversion. But now with the use of Windows 7 and new operating systems, it is difficult to find date converters compatible with it. Here you can find the solution. Since Windows 7 is the most preferred operating system with new laptops and desktops, and it also comes with a preinstalled sidebar which is the only requirement for this widget. Feel free to use this gadget.