Nepali Functions Addon for Google Sheet

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Nepali Functions is a google sheet addon which provides custom Nepali functions that help convert data as per need.

The following are the list of functions available:

  • ConvertToDateObject: Convert date string to object
  • ConvertDateFormat: Convert date object to string
  • AD2BS: Convert AD to BS
  • BS2AD: Convert BS to AD
  • ValidateBsDate: Validate if the given BS date is valid
  • GetCurrentAdDate: Gets the Current AD Date
  • GetCurrentAdYear: Gets the Current AD Year
  • GetCurrentAdMonth: Gets the Current AD Month
  • GetCurrentAdDay: Gets the Current AD Day
  • GetCurrentBsDate: Gets the Current BS Date
  • GetCurrentBsYear: Gets the Current BS Year
  • GetCurrentBsMonth: Get the Current BS Month
  • GetCurrentBsDay: Gets the Current BS Day
  • GetAdMonths: Get AD Month List
  • GetAdMonth: Get AD Month
  • GetBsMonths: Get BS Month List
  • GetBsMonth: Get BS Month
  • GetBsDays: Get BS Day List
  • GetBsDay: Get BS Day
  • GetBsDaysUnicodeShort: Get BS Day List in Short
  • GetAdDays: Get AD Day List
  • GetAdDay: Get AD Day
  • GetBsMonthsInUnicode: Get BS Month List In Nepali
  • GetBsMonthInUnicode: Get BS Month In Nepali
  • GetDaysInAdMonth: Get Days in the given AD Month
  • GetDaysInBsMonth: Get Days in the given BS Month
  • AdDatesDiff: Difference between two AD dates
  • BsDatesDiff: Difference between two BS dates
  • BsAddDays: Add days to given BS date
  • GetBsFullDate: Get full BS date
  • GetAdFullDate: Get full AD date
  • GetAdFullDay: Get Full AD day

Privacy Policy

The application only contains custom function for your google sheet and does not store any information of the user anywhere.

The application also adheres to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

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Terms of Service

Nepali Function Addon for Google Sheets intends to ease the requirements of Nepali users with the various custom functions. The addon does not store any information what so ever.